Approved non-contact rugby specific
play programme for 2-7 years


Rugrats Rugby Schools is an exciting, full inclusive programme for primary school children throughout England. The programme has been developed off the back of our extremely successful play programme in which we have offered weekly classes to toddlers and pre-schoolers since late 2011.

Our programme has been specifically designed to motivate, enthuse and inspire young people throughout the UK by using Rugby and multi-skills sessions to develop a range of skills, engage children in physical activity and support schools in their objectives of providing wrap-around and extra curricular activities.

Phase 1 of the programme is based around offering a range of breakfast, lunch time and after-school sessions and further details on each of these service offerings can be seen by clicking on the pages to the right of this page.

We firmly believe in building long term relationships and therefore understand that each's schools requirements will be different and therefore we are pleased to offer a tailored approach to ensure that we meet your objectives by providing a programme that is tailored to your requirements.

If you would like to organise an informal discussion in how we might be able to assist your school please send an email in the first instance to with a brief overview of your requirements and contact details so we can arrange a conversation or meeting.