Approved non-contact rugby specific
play programme for 2-7 years


Do you offer a taster session?

Yes. We are able to offer a taster session if there is availability of places on the class you are interested in joining. 

What is the registration fee and what does it cover?

The one off registration fee is £24.99 which includes a Rugrats Rugby playing kit consisting of shirt and shorts, full insurance and programe membership which entitles members to discounts and offers.

How do I pay for Rugrats Rugby?

The Rugrats Rugby booking system is fully automated so you will pay your term fee's online by credit / debit card at the point of booking.

What is the booking fee for?

The booking fee is a service charge that covers the administrative costs that are associated with handling your booking at Head Office.

The booking fee is NOT a card transaction payment, please see the next question down for further information. 

Do you charge me for processing my payment via a debit / credit card?

No, we do not apply any surcharges for paying via debit or credit card. 

What is a term?

A term is a set number of sessions which may run between 6 and 10 weeks at a time. 

Do you operate a refund policy if we don’t like it?

We appreciate that making a financial commitment especially for the first time of joining can be a big commitment and we therefore offer a refund policy in the first 2 weeks of your term commencing.

The refund can also extend to the registration fee of £24.99 but the Rugrats Rugby kit must be returned un-opened from its original packaging in order to qualify.

The booking fee is non-refundable. 

I thought rugby was a physical game; surely it is dangerous for young children?

Our programme has been specially designed as a play programme that is non-contact and focuses on core motor skills such as passing, catching, kicking, running, space awareness and balance.

Are all the coaches qualified and trained?

All Rugrats Rugby Coaches have been through the rigorous “Train the Trainer” course which is an in-house training programme including child protection.

In addition we complete enhanced DBS checks on all coaches and reference check them. Head Coaches are also expected to complete and become certified first aiders.

What do the classes involve?

The classes are all about FUN in a structured manner including a warm up and physical exercise. We incorporate a lot of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) into our programme so the classes will include colour recognition, counting and taking turns.

How long does each class last?

Rugrats “Kick Start” 2-4 years lasts 30 minutes

Rugrats “Try Time” and 'Play On' classes typically last between 40 and 50 minutes, please see individual class pages for your region. 

Do you hold relevant insurance for the classes?

All Rugrats Rugby classes carry personal accident and public liability insurance

 What should they wear?

All participants will receive their Rugrats Rugby kit during the first term and we would like them to wear this to all sessions.

However if you classes commence before your kit has been received then your child should wear what they feel comfortable in.

As a parent can I join in?

We encourage parent participation at the Rugrats “Kick Start”  however there is no need for parents to participate once they reach Rugrats “Try Time” however you are more than welcome to still get involved if you wish.