Approved non-contact rugby specific
play programme for 2-7 years

4-7 years

Rugrats 'Try Time' programme builds upon a child’s basic motor skills incorporating rugby specific skills including passing the ball backwards, finding space and scoring their first try under the posts.

This 40 minute class uses midi size rugby balls to familiarise the children with the weight and feel of a real rugby ball and will even see them start to practice their goal kicking in a fun and enjoyable environment.

 Parent’s involvement in these classes is welcome, but not essential and you are free to support your child from the sideline.

What is Rugrats Rugby?

Passing, catching, kicking, try-scoring plus many more games and activities to develop your child's physical, social and emotional skills.

We have been running Kids Rugby classes since 2011, and pride ourselves on the children involved in our programme having fun. 

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