Approved non-contact rugby specific
play programme for 2-7 years

2-4 years

Our 'Kick Start' programme is aimed at 2-4 years and will encourage children to develop and use their core skills including balance, agility and co-ordination.

In addition to this the programme has been specially designed to develop a child’s social skills including taking it in turns, working together and sharing.

This 30 minute parent participated class is fun, energetic and includes passing, catching, try scoring, kicking and games using multi-coloured foam balls and cones ensuring safety is paramount throughout.

What is Rugrats Rugby?

Passing, catching, kicking, try-scoring plus many more games and activities to develop your child's physical, social and emotional skills.

We have been running Kids Rugby classes since 2011, and pride ourselves on the children involved in our programme having fun. 

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